Ellipsus Touch Table

Interactive meeting table

Eliminating the need for separate monitors and providing a workstation for the meeting participants will reduce the space required for your conference rooms and reduce the clutter created by notepads and tablets. Stress free and environmentally friendly is Ellipsus. Scandinavian design is not just beautiful sleek lines, a pivotal part of our development strategy is saving the environment.

By placing a multi user touch screen in the center of the tabletop, the participants are now facing each other and communicating via touch and talk while maintaining eye contact with each other rather than staring at the screen on the wall.

Hand crafted solid Ash

The compact design integration of the latest UHD touch screen technology into our 2 ¾” thick solid Ash, hand crafted tables is sure to provide an impressive environment that will promote creativity and feeling of quality and unity.

Zero gravity and high-end technology

Ellipsis shape and lines are designed to provide an impression of zero gravity where the table looks to be floating in the air, this feeling of weightlessness also adds to the overall clean look of modern clutter free work environments.