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Gradus display stand | TECKNIQ™


A multi-functional stand used in three different ways – tabletop, wall-mounted or as a free-standing table

The Gradus stand is available for three different display sizes 24-
32”, 32-46”, and 45-55”

The Gradus stand keeps your display at the right angle when presenting or communicating your message. Gradus makes you work ergonomically and is a perfect choice for on-site projects and BIM applications, among others.

Gradus can be used and mounted in three different ways, making it a multi-functional screen stand. The design is simple but diverse. Gradus can be placed on top of a table, mounted on a wall or formed as an angled table when optional legs are mounted.


  • Great for on-site/project offices
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • High quality
  • Vesa mounting
  • Flexible

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