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Murus display stand | TECKNIQ™


Wall-mounted stand for up to two screens, or max 150 kg / 330 lb

The adjustable range is up to 660 mm/26 inches.

Murus is a wall-mounted stand for up to two 65 inch displays or max 150kg. Murus is anchored to the wall and has a small frame standing on the floor.

The mechanics, low friction material, and the electric motors adjust the mounted display silently up and down in height. The adjustable range is up to 660 mm/26 inches.

Murus is an excellent choice for meeting rooms, where height adjustment is required, for collaboration and presentations on touch displays.

The base of the Murus is compatible with the Core Pro 19-inch rack cases, which makes it easy to integrate a powerful VR computer, AV or other hardware needed in your project.
With integrated Core Pro cases, all hardware components are easy to replace or maintain.


  • Great for offices
  • VR ready
  • Up to 2 x 65″ (max 150kg/330lb)
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to install
  • High quality
  • Vesa mounting
  • Compatible with Core 19″ cases

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