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Depending on your vision of how your touch table will enhance your operations, there is a vast variety of touch software solutions to choose from.  Through touch interaction, communication becomes faster and more intelligent.

By allowing the participants to physically interact with any presentation, the users are not only able to more fully understand the information that is being delivered, but it also allows for full involvement from the clients/customers, enabling them to enhance and expand on presented materials that will directly benefit their needs.  Ultimately, this provides for a more creative and productive work environment.

Linea – AV/Display stand

A humble AV/Display stand that blends in, but has the potential to deliver virtual reality performance. The Linea AV/Display stand has a sleek design with a small footprint. Linea has high-quality wheels and is easy to move around.
The mechanics, low friction material, and the electric motors adjust the mounted display silently up and down in height.

Verso – AV/Display stand

Verso is a modular product system with many add-ons available, which further adds to its diversity of usages. Verso is a perfect choice for showrooms, offices, and museums.

The base of the stand is compatible with the Core Pro 19-inch rack cases, which makes it easy to integrate a powerful computer, AV, or other hardware needed in your project.

Murus – Wall stand

Murus is a wall-mounted stand for up to two 65 inch displays or max 150kg. Murus is anchored to the wall and has a small frame standing on the floor.

Murus is an excellent choice for meeting rooms, where height adjustment is required, for collaboration and presentations on touch displays.

Gradus – tabletop stand

Gradus can be used and mounted in three different ways, making it a multi-functional screen stand. The design is simple but diverse. Gradus can be placed on top of a table, mounted on a wall, or formed as an angled table when optional legs are mounted.

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